Monday, November 22, 2010


Long Time No See...but with good reason. So much has happened to me from dance show to finals. I am lucky to say that I hopefully will have an internship next term at the preschool I love working at. I am also over the hardest part of my finals: essays. I am sooooooo excited to go home and see my family and my friends who I miss so much. Get back to the place of amazing food, especially now that Thanksgiving is coming up.
Not to say I haven't struggled this term, but I know I will come back stronger then ever. The great thing about college is understanding that every bad consequence is a lesson learned. We live and we learn. Going with the punches is part of being an adult, when things change you have to figure out the best way to live with it.
I have decided to add tips, other people's thoughts and opinions, and fun stuff to the blog. I mean not everyone wants to read about my soap opera of a life. I have also added a poll to find out what people want to read to answer that on the right side of the screen. Also, don't be afraid to leave comments and let me know what you want to read, give me your opinion on something, or even ask me a question!!!

  1. Plan out finals week so you spend the right amount of time on everything.

  2. Work in an environment that isn't distracting. I myself have a problem with this one because I am the distraction in my environment :P

  3. Always make time to say goodbye to friends, after all they are the people you hang out with the most while you are at college.

As for my "Kewl" item: Master Stir Fry is a restaurant that was recently opened near my college, probably one of the best Chinese buffets I have been to. It has everything and yet it is still very cheap, especially for lunch (only $5.99...I know right). It has lots of options and is really yummy if you are hungry. Run Don't Walk!!!! Go Now!!!!!!!!!!! LOL