Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Buzzards and the Bees


Ok maybe not the happiest title, but hey I do what i can :)
So the post this week is about much to say and so little time....I mainly want to cover a couple of things 1) Communication, 2) Arm Candy, and 3)Being Alone. All of these are extremely intense and long topics so i will try to be brief. Understand also my views and opinions on this might differ then yours I'm stating things from my perspective and my experiences so read this with an open mind.

1. Communication
I really feel like this is key to no matter what relationship you are involved in. It is hard to have good communication, trust me i am struggling with it. Yet, I figure the biggest and best way to communicate with someone is to be honest and upfront. People don't always pick up on little signals....especially guys, its best to just talk to someone. Explaining where you are coming from, what you want, or just asking a person what they think of you clears up so much that can be misconstrued by actions, phrases or texting. Also, since I mentioned it serious conversations should be avoided at all cost via text message, so much gets confused and there is a lot lost in the lack of tone and inflection of a voice, its not personal enough to be used to give support or comfort. Its also important to consider the other person and their feelings about a situation, but think about how not communicating what you need will effect your relationship with them too. I am a true believer in honesty is the best policy, I have been protected by lies before and to be honest...when the truth is revealed it is a lot worse then anything you could of hurt me to begin with. If something is hurting you, your concerned, have questions, or you are just confused...I hate to say it, but having the courage to ask and figure things out is probably best way to go. You might think it will screw up your relationship, or idk bother the other person, but if that person is worth being in your life they will accept you and the conversation because they want to make sure everything is clear and good.

2)Arm Candy
Ok maybe it is just me, but lately I have seen a trend in guys hanging out/ dating girls with little to no substance. I get it, its fun and good at the time but it just makes me shake my head. Let me not turn this into a rant though lol. I guess the whole point of this is to point out that if you not the arm candy or some popular girl among guys it doesn't make you any less amazing or worthy. I also want to point out the fact that their are girls out their who are amazing and have so much more to offer, sometimes you got to work to find them and sometimes they right in front of your nose, but they out there. I am aware that people are not always looking for relationships, more like fun weekends...even if you are that doesn't mean that these amazing girls don't feel/ want the same. I just don't like watching people get less then they deserve girls and boys alike.

3) Being Alone
Ok, so maybe I am not the best person to speak on this but hey...I mean I thrive on relationships, no lie...I am currently living the single life right now....guess what....I ain't dead lol. Not being in a relationship doesn't kill you even though at the time it feels like murder. As a single person there is different things you can have then when you are in a relationship, but as we all know there are somethings you just don't get or at least not in the same caliber as when you are in a relationship. Regardless I guess people look at being single as being alone. I know I have...but it really isn't. Some people take being single in stride and live it up, that's good. I know other people look at as a prison sentence almost. People loose hope after a while, thinking that love ain't coming there way. Just because they haven't found you yet don't mean they not out their, its hard to think positive but you have to not focus on that and live your life. Finding a solid place for yourself and taking this time to know yourself better makes you that more aware of what you want in a partner and ready for them when they come in your life. Relationships are a part of life, but it is not everything. Your health, your heart, and just your being is just as important and you shouldn't give that up for a relationship or loose any part of yourself for one. If that person comes in your life and doesn't make you want to be a better person and doesn't push you in some way then they probably are not the person you looking for.
Here's Hoping This Made Some Sense!!!
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