Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

So today is one of those holidays that some love, some hate, and some just work through. I personally am indifferent. I grew up giving out little valentines with candy at school, but then things began to change. Some where down the line things turned into so much more. Why do children grow up so fast? When do cards and lollipops turn into roses and giant teddy bears? I wish I could answer these questions, but it seems things change with out me even realizing. There was a point when I hated this day, mainly because things changed and this day became another day to remind me of how alone I was. I've been lucky enough to have a bf on this day in the past, but to be honest as I have grown up this day has meant less and less to me no matter my relationship status.  It is a day symbolized hearts and chocolate, nothing much more. I am happy to see couples having fun and spending time with each other on this day, yet its just another day to me, maybe a little better considering I had this amazing feeling of love from all my friends. One day I will find someone to share this day with, but its ok if I don't have them now, but when they do show up lol...all I think I truly want is one flower as my gift. Nothing fancy or chocolate covered, just a cut plant brought to me by someone who loves me for me. Call me simple or old fashioned, but I don't want a lot. There is more to life then gifts and there is definitely more to love. Here's Hoping!

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