Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Returning Home!

Welcome Back! lol
I feel like I have been away for quite a while and I am returning stronger then ever. There is a weird feeling in the air knowing that I only have 3 months or so left until this chapter of my life ends and another, bigger chapter begins. I can't lie, I'm scared....but this is not the time for that talk. I have 3 months that are going to be the most amazing and fun times yet. This term is one in which I am taking a class or two...but seriously I will be in school. More importantly I am dancing my heart out and ending the year with my passion. I have 3 dances that made it into the CW show and (fingers crossed) I will be choreographing and dancing in Terp. Yep...why am I making commitments? lol I expect to see my roommates napping while I'm running from one practice to the next...but I guess its worth it and I don't like sitting still long anyways. This term should be amazing so long as the weather gets better. Not to mention Flunk Day is around the corner so you never know what might happen. I guess I'm finally ready to make good and be happy, enjoy the time I got. So if I'm not smiling this term its probably cuz I'm tired because mark my words this girl isn't going to frown. There is too much good in front of me that I can't ignore nor would I want to. Here's Hoping this term is as amazing as I wish it to be!