About Me

My name is Megan and I currently am attending Knox College. I am a Elementary Education major and a double minor in Psychology and History. I am personally caught up in the tornado that many address as "College life". This is something that I never understood standing on the outside. I never had an older sibling nor a parent to explain this life to me. So this is a VIP pass to all those who wonder what goes on in college or those who are about to enter into it. This is my way of letting people in, I wanted to have an outlet to discuss all the things going on with me and to let people into the life of a college girl.

I am: A college student, a daughter, a sister, a friend. I like to sleep in and stay up late. I prefer to earn my own money and do my own thing. I love long nights out with friends dancing up a storm, but I also love staying in and catching up on my favorite tv shows. I love hanging with the boys and I am not afraid of getting dirty or breaking a nail. With that said I am still a girl so when we go shopping do not expect me to not want to look at clothes and shoes. I love to dance and hopefully will choreography a piece before I graduate. I love to draw and write because I love having my creations be tangible. I try to laugh more then I cry. I am a strong person and I have a history that has made me such. I have had my heart broken many times, but I have also gained many beautiful friends along my way. I have a lot left to learn and so much I want to do. This is my life I plan on sharing with you. Welcome to my world!

I hope this Blog becomes more of a discussion then anything else. I plan on offering tips I have learned, my advice on things, my poems, my artwork, and fun facts. I really hope you like what I have created and please comment!!! Thanks for Reading!!!