Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Driving Myself Crazy

So far so good, not only am I taking 3.5 credits and struggling to keep up with stuff I am observing in a 1st grade classroom. I know I am just stressing because it is a busy term for me, but still. I got to juggle things better. At least I have done better with keeping myself happy. I tried out for Terp and made it into 2 dances which is exciting. I began working out again and I basically go almost everyday if I can. So besides driving myself crazy I am running like crazy too....lol. I think I need the workout just to keep my sanity though lol. It calms me and makes me feel good about myself so I guess I can't complain. There is something about working out that gives me the meditation I need. I love seeing myself in the mirror and I am actually proud of myself and how I look now. As far as I know I'm doing pretty well in all my classes and some how maintaining a grip on reality. I guess that would more have to do with the "dark" weekends that allow me to blow off steam with my favorite people. I'm making it through this term one weekend at a time! lol

In other news: I have really stuck to me resolution this year, beyond the workout thing. I have let go...I'm not chasing anyone or wanting anything besides respect and trust from those closest to me. I am strong and powerful beyond measure. One day someone will see that, but today...tomorrow...the rest of my college existence I'm not expecting much. I'm just going to enjoy myself, laugh as much as possible, and be around all those amazing people who make my life fun. I'm taking on new adventures and loving it...mind you I am still nervous and shy, but you might be surprised what this girl will get herself into. Here's Hoping I keep it up!!!