Monday, April 19, 2010

A New Start

When all is said and down there is more to live for in life. Always another option to live for that is larger then you may ever know...more to come 2morrow!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


So today I have become a little more thought provoking...IDK I went to a lecture on narrative reporting which was really interesting by Janet Reitman, who writes for Rolling Stone Magazine. I have to admit that I never read any of her pieces, but before college I never read Rolling Stone. She was really fascinating and I feel like I learned some things about that line of work that I didn't before, not to mention I got to see a great writer which I might not get the chance to see other wise. I feel like by way of college I am getting exposed to things I never thought I would like or care to do...but I think that's the importance of college...especially with a liberal arts education. You get to tap into things you never thought you might do or like and find out more about the world this way. My advice to prospective college students is absorb...go to event and lectures when you think it will be interesting or have nothing to do because this is the time to try everything. That even goes for classes you are thinking about taking, try something new. I am taking Psyc: Sensation and Perception this term and I thought it would be a boring class that I would hate, but its interesting and I learn so much about how we see and how our brain works...I like it a lot and I'm surprised cause that's not my least that's what I thought.

I guess my point is to keep your head up and jump in the water even if no one is behind you because you never know where you might end up or what you may discover!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


So college is one of the hardest...if not the hardest...thing that I have been through to date. Failure is not an option was our motto in high school, but college is completely different. Overall, lets just say its crazy serious and impossible to pass, at least for me that is. I wish I could write as good as everyone else and pass tests with A's and B's like i did in high school, but instead my progression is quickly declining and I can't figure out why. I am trying my hardest and really going above to take note, but yet nothing is helping. Some days it sounds better to drop out and be a hobo. I only wish things were that easy but they are not. My hope is that people who read this really take my advice and try and be more open with there teachers and get to know them. I wish I could but I can never think of anything to ask them and I always feel like I am bothering them. Its hard to struggle because I never struggled before. I feel as though I was on top and I'm falling to the bottom. It hurts because I feel like i am failing not just myself, but my family who are paying this expensive tuition and who had such big hopes for me. I just wish things get better, because if it gets much worse I might have to call it quits. :(

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Love/ Like/ Pain

I have had a rough day if you count a deeply sad, early morning. I just feel so much pressure and beyond that I feel so alone. I tried to rely on a close friend, but in the end they were not there. If it wasn't for my boyfriend Justin I don't know where I would be or what I might have done.
I just want to dedicate this post to the thoughts of lost love or loving people who don't love you back. The key is to open your eyes and love yourself, its the first step to moving on. Mr.Right could be right in front of you and you will never know if you don't look around.
As for me I will move on and keep loving my amazing boyfriend. He honestly is a person that I trust to always be there and catches me when I fall. My hope is that things get better, but one never knows. I'm excited to join a sorority,which I recommend cause you get to meet some amazing people you may never meet otherwise. I also feel quite accomplished after helping my friend finish his huge 3D puzzle, but now I have to finish my homework and get to bed. Here's hoping for a better day...

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Day of Lessons

Kewl Pic I found on Stumble Upon

Lesson 1: Sometimes a night out cures everything.

I had a rough day yesterday and after going out and letting go I feel free. I let all the stress of classes and life go and just had fun and laughed a whole lot. After doing that, though sometimes you may have side effects, I feel so much better today.

Lesson 2: Be careful of your feelings.

I had deep feelings for someone who has been very close to me for a long time and I just recently found out that his feelings were strong for me at one point but are now no longer. Its a painful realization, yet in some ways its I am releaved to know that I can free him of my thought for he doesn't care for me back...not saying it doesn't hurt and im gonna get over it quickly...just saying

Lesson 3: Enjoy sunny story here JUST DO IT!!!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

My First Post

So....This is my first post. What can I say? Well for all those new to this blog...which is everyone...I am a first year in college soon to be a sophmore and this blog is suppose to talk about my life and all the crazy things that go on in college. It is also suppose to educate some girls on life and things I wish I knew before coming to college. Please feel free to comment or ask about anything.

The title of my blog is "Looking for Clarity: A College Girl's Story". I feel as though my journey here in college is one in which I am constantly looking for clarity. Clarity as to who I am and what I want in life, education, or even in my dinner choices. I'm not saying that once I finish college I will have all the answers, but after being in college for almost a full year now I know that I'm taking the steps to figure out these HUGE questions.

Here is what I have so far:
> What I want:
I want to graduate college in a major and minor I enjoy, I want to gain friends I can depend on, I want to walk away a strong individual who is not shy to speak up and believes in herself, I want to be happy in all that I do and even if something is hard or tiresome I want to know that there is a happy reason for me doing it in the first place, I want to make my family proud, I want to be active and be apart of more things at my college.
> What I think I want in education:
Major: Education
Minor: Psychology
> Who I am:
I am a hard worker, good friend, blessed daughter, big sister, college student, commited dancer, animal lover, starving artist, & smiling girlfriend

What I'm hoping to do is let people in on my life, all the crazy, stressful, sad, depressing, funny, great times and you, the reader, can comment/ question anything you please...this is my truthful journey to clarity!!!