Saturday, April 10, 2010

Day of Lessons

Kewl Pic I found on Stumble Upon

Lesson 1: Sometimes a night out cures everything.

I had a rough day yesterday and after going out and letting go I feel free. I let all the stress of classes and life go and just had fun and laughed a whole lot. After doing that, though sometimes you may have side effects, I feel so much better today.

Lesson 2: Be careful of your feelings.

I had deep feelings for someone who has been very close to me for a long time and I just recently found out that his feelings were strong for me at one point but are now no longer. Its a painful realization, yet in some ways its I am releaved to know that I can free him of my thought for he doesn't care for me back...not saying it doesn't hurt and im gonna get over it quickly...just saying

Lesson 3: Enjoy sunny story here JUST DO IT!!!!

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