Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Back in Action

Back to school and back to work. I have been at school for two days and I already have so much to do. I have been to all my classes and even started back working. My schedule is really crazy and I am pretty much gonna be filled with work considering I am taking reading and writing intensive classes. I like them all though which helps, but it doesn't take the pressure off. Working early mornings is not bad...just the getting up part. I made it through with hot chocolate in hand. I am hopefully gonna make it through my classes and get all the work done...even if it kills me. I actually am happy to report that I will have an internship soon at the preschool in town....I am sooooooooo excited. Another reason to wake up at 8am YAY!!! LOL I am excited though...I will just be more excited when the weekend comes so I can waste the day reading my school books and enjoying a comfy bed. So until then I have things to do, homework to finish, books to read, and exercises to do...oh how the time flies when you are having fun. Well here's hoping I make it to the weekend!

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