Monday, March 28, 2011

Been A Long Time...I'm Back!!!

So a lot has happened to me over the last few months. I have dealt with a lot of problems that I have basically been ignoring for some time now and I feel so much better about it. I also am newly single and trying to figure that all out (with that said know that me and my ex are best of friends). I am trying to build on me and make me better. I know what I need and who I need in my life and with that knowledge I can only move forward. I am currently trying to work harder in school and spend some free time at the gym. I love how working out makes me feel, regardless of what people may think of me I feel good when I work out and I feel better about myself so there :P  lol. I'm nervous about my classes this term seeing how they are harder then stuff I have taken before and I am taking classes that are more seriously apart of my major and my minors. I just get that overwhelming feeling that I need to do well in all my classes so as to keep my head above water as I get more invovled in my studies. This is especially true for my Education class this term, I want to teach and I know I can do it, but something about having to teach my class and having to be recorded makes it that much more intense and nerve recking. In brighter news I will hopefully have a job at a summer camp this summer getting more experience with children and learning new things to do with them. I am super excited for the weather to get warmer and sun to shine as much as possible. Here's hoping for a great new term!

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