Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Break

Spring Break was way too short. I realize most people know this and that I am reflecting on this a week later, but regardless it is a fact. I spent the majority of my break hanging out with my family, shopping, and eating. I always enjoy homemade food that is always sooooo good. My personal requested favorite of the week was BBQ, I just wanted a hot dog and sausage with some grill marks, nothing really tastes better then a piece of meat with grill marks. I know that might sound weird, but that's just me. I love me BBQ and hopefully over the summer me and my dad will make our amazing ribs. Beyond that I realize every time I leave home how much I miss it. I love my family and for years you grow up in a house where you kinda are trapped. At least for me I never felt independent for real because I always had to come home or follow my parents some where. The amazing thing about college is that once you get here you have all the freedom you could really ask for. You think at first this is amazing and then after trips home and vacations you realize how important your family is and how just hanging out with them means so much. I made sure to spend time with everyone when I went home for that reason and as I pulled away from my house on Tues morning I realized how much I wish I could just be asleep in my own bed and have donuts with my sister before she heads for school. I miss home so much in those moments, but that doesn't stop me from living my life here at college. When I get here I try not to think about it and there is so much living I have to do that I really don't have the time to focus on it. Yet, you can guarantee I call home twice a week and talk about everything under the sun. I feel like its only made my parents and I so much closer!

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