Friday, April 1, 2011

Balancing Act

And on the tight rope we have the lovely, sorry couldn't help myself. Here I am once again trying to balance so many things at once and I see some friends struggling. The truth is that I feel their pain and I am struggling too, I am just good at hiding it. I realize I am not super woman, but I have to stay, as much as I can, on top of things, not to mention I have to take it one day at a time. I can't think too hard about the future because you never know what will happen and you have to live and do things for the moment. I spend time working out and socializing on the weekends for me and I work for class and my sorority on the week days. Life is stressful and I know I am going from early morning to mid afternoon most days that working out to my favorite songs or watching TV helps me just breath. You can't let life bog you down and make you feel overwhelmed because then you will never really live. I feel like I am juggling more then I ever did in high school, even though I don't participate so much in a bunch of clubs like I did back then. Yet, I am gaining more from what I do with school, work, sorority, preschool and just having fun. I have the hard task of having to balance all these things and though it first seemed impossible when I was a freshmen here I feel like this term I am getting it right...I just need to keep it up. Here's Hoping!

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