Saturday, April 2, 2011


So I am an elementary education I shouldn't be freaked out by having to do a 20min lesson right? Think Again. I am freaked the heck out! I LOVE kids and teaching/ helping them like I did at the preschool last term. I know that I love teaching, though I don't have a full grasp of how yet. My biggest fear is that I screw this project up and get told that I just don't have it in me to be a teacher. Honestly, I think I would cry. More then anything I want this; I have the patience and the passion. My fear is that I don't have the skills. I know as I said in my last post: live one day at a time, but I'm still a little worried about this because I know this assignment is coming up soon. I know I can talk in front of a class, but it still is a nerve recking thing especially if it is my peers. To me teaching them is scarier then any kindergartner because these guys will have no trouble knowing if I am wrong or realizing my mistakes. Regardless I have to do this to become a teacher and I will get through it...some how I will no matter how nervous I maybe. Practice makes perfect I guess. In other news I start my fieldwork at one of the schools in town on Monday. I am kinda excited to be working with kids again mixed with a little nerves because I don't know what to expect. Here's Hoping it all goes well!

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