Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Just Keep Going

So nothing much is going on in my world besides homework and all the other stuff that keeps me busy. I honestly am content at the moment. I do have a paper due Tues.though :/

Halloween is coming up which I am really excited about, since it is my favorite holiday! I am dressing up as a cute cop hopefully! This will be a fun weekend! Plus I am going out to a new restaurant with a group of friends!!!

In other thoughts I realize how much it sucks to loose contact with those friends you really cared about. It seems sometimes fall outs are the cause of it. Fights sometimes start and get out of hand and sometimes its good because you get rid of the people who are holding you back. Other times you loose people who are good friends that you trusted. Another thing I notice is that people move on and forget. Forget about people and loose touch with those people who were there for them through a lot of bad times. It sucks for me because I feel as though I have lost friends do to these things. I have no clue as how to change it or even if I should...

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