Wednesday, June 8, 2011

1 Down...

I got a Job!!!! What does this mean? I am not hopeless. I am not gonna be broke. I finally succeed at attaining a summer job after what seems like forever. I will be a day camp counselor for a month...I am sooooooo excited. I feel that I am more excited then nervous to be honest, maybe because after the blog I wrote yesterday I am really feeling the adventurous side of myself. I want to really go into this job and do the best I can, but not be scared. Yes, this is a new experience , but I can only learn from it....or at least that is what I keep telling myself. This job thing has really made me feel a lot more confident in the last couple hours since I got the news. I honestly feel whole in a way I can't explain. I am contributing to my life and going outside of this protective four walls I have just allowed to restrain me, now I finally can just DO something...anything. I also look at is as a way to start paying it forward, make an impact on my loans or dues...I am even thinking about increasing my work hours at school just so I can have more money to devote to these things. Its time I spread my wings, took on more things (like a crazy person) and let the chips fall where they may. I don't know who I will be at the end of this summer, not sure where I will end up either...what I do know is the Megan I was before and the Megan I am now are so different from one another. I have grown so much from high school till now, here's hoping I keep getting better!!!

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