Monday, August 15, 2011

Catching up and Getting Caught Up...

Catching up:
So its been sometime since I got on here last. I went on vacation to the most amazing place...wait for it....Wisconsin Dells...ok pretty ordinary but to a girl like me who doesn't get to travel, well ever, it was awesome. I really had a nice time and I love swimming so there was no down side...besides getting a boat load of bruises and getting a cut on my foot. I am really not complaining though cuz I would do it again in a heart beat. I loved just bonding with my sister for the first time in ever and swimming all day. We did play a round of miniature golf though which was really trippy being that it was black light and you wore 3D glasses. With that said, I can assume miniature golf and drugs not the best combination. I drove out of Wisconsin though toner, with a wine glass,and a shot glass. Cheers! LOL
My family and I spent the last days of vacation at home shopping. We basically picked up some left over school supplies/ clothes. I have to say though I found the cutest dress and am so glad I got purchase to date :)
 I have basically compiled a list of things I have to do in the next week before I head back to school...there are so many things. I have taken care of some, but I have to pack, wash dishes, do laundry, and get my hair cut. It seems like "all the things" it will all get done. I just have to take each day as it comes and not stress out, its not worth it. Most people are either back to school or about to head back so I am kinda alone for the next week, which makes me even more pumped to head back. Its kinda sad to see the summer end, I may not have been as adventurous as I wanted, but I think I truly grew and did things differently. All in all summer was good and one of the strongest I've had. There are some things I will miss...

Caught Up:
So....Disregard the last post about guys. I think I am caught up in a guy who I care very much about. I know just what I need right, lol. Its hard cuz there is no sense of security with this. I can't control it though. I'm falling for him and I think he knows it, but the timing isn't great. I guess I will have to have patience or move on...which seems unthinkable cuz I'm so caught up :-/
Here's Hoping!

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