Sunday, September 18, 2011

Figuring Things Out...Checking In

I am at odds...

Recap, I have been back on campus a minute and been having sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much fun till sadly classes started...but hey that is why I am here. Regardless I realized this week that my life from now on will be dull and boring. :(
Ok that's a lie, when is my life truly boring...I will never let this come to pass!!! Classes have me freaked out a bit just because of the amount of work required, but like I said this is what I am here for and I will get it done!...hopefully ;)
I am observing/ working at a school in town for 3 hours straight. This teacher is gonna use me to her full advantage, which I have no problem with considering this is what I want to do for a living. I am back interning at the lovely preschool with a whole new class that I already adore! They are so sweet and oddly quiet in comparison to the class last year.
My Bday is this week! Turning 21 and I just can't wait!!! So I apologize in advance for all the crazy things that might happen, cuz I know me and I know they will...bahahahaha
In other news: I guess I am trying to work on me, as always. Been working out more and I am feeling good about myself. I am by far more social this year and tryin to meet new people and get involved in other things. My friends are growing in numbers and this makes me sooooooooooo happy, not like I didn't have friends before but the more diverse my friends are the better I feel and the more I get pushed into attending things/joining things. Sometimes I need a little push to get
I am using this house to my advantage and have cooked quite a bit already and I bought more pasta today so I know there will be cooking in my future...maybe in real close future cuz I am getting hungry.

So as you may have noticed this entry is titled "Figuring Things Out...Checking In"....well I did the checking in part now to explain the 1st part. I am trying to figure out a lot this term/ year. I don't know how long it is gonna take, but I guess I will find out. I have to figure some stuff out with certain people here and at home. I am personally at odds with a friend at home and well...we will see how this goes. As for people here, I know one friend for sure I need to talk to, but considering where I am I have no idea if I can do it. I just get so mad and sad and I try really hard not to let my emotions hit me like that, but it just happens. Its really hard to be the good friend and to feel hurt at the same time...beyond that idk. I will figure all the things out, I always do. Here's Hoping!

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