Monday, October 10, 2011

What Dance Means to Me

There is nothing like being on stage. Having the light shining down on you and knowing people have come to see you preform. All the energy that is on that stage in those few moments you can't explain. Its a beautiful feeling that I love. When I dance I just feel the music and move. Its expression and passion rolled into one. I have danced with injuries and anger, but it only makes the feeling that much more powerful. Apart of me wishes I took dance more seriously when I was younger and got more training, but regardless I still love to dance. In a moment you can express something without any words and feel the most beautiful connection with your body. When I freestyle it is almost like my mind turns off and I just go. I respect anyone who is a dancer and those who do it professionally. It is immensely hard at times and takes training to perfect any style. Dance is a sport and I will kick some one's ass if they disagree. We train just as hard and deserve to be seen a professional athletes as well as performers. I know I am still training myself every time I dance under a different instructor/ choreographer. My hope is before I graduate I can actually choreograph a piece to perform here at college. It will be one of the hardest and most challenging things that I have ever done. I am hoping it comes out amazing though, because dance is something that I have loved since I was able to walk. It is apart of me and no matter what happens in life I will continue to dance. Here's Hoping!

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