Monday, May 14, 2012

Given the World

On this wonderful Mother's Day I thought of a million different things. One is how much I would love to be home, but I gave up that chance to do something for my family. I made the sacrifice of not being home to be the first person in my immediate family to graduate from a 4 year college and go into a career of my choosing. So because of this I don't get to go home that much and I work my butt off everyday to be someone my parents can be proud of. They worked so much and gave up so much for my sister and I that I can't help but respect them and want to be like them. My mother and father worked so hard and took shifts raising us. My dad made the sacrifice of giving up his world, his home, and his job for love and for us. He is a blue collar worker who worked nights to be home with me and my sister during the day. My dad was there for my sister and I all day taking care of us and running us to school, practices and home again. My mom worked mornings and afternoon at a good job to make money for our family. She pushed us to succeed and got us involved in things like dance and softball. The way my mother handled things and her example is what I took the most from her. She is fully determined and always had such pride in herself. Her nature and belief has been passed down to me, especially the mentality of if you think I can't do something watch me prove you wrong. I am a child born to two parents who wanted to give me the world and in some way they have. They have given me roots and now I have little wings. I have parents who inspire and create the woman that I am today and I love them so much for all they have given me. With out them the person that I am today wouldn't be as
Love You!!!

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