Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fresh View and Parting Potatoes

Ok so its been quite a while since my last post so I guess I need to recap people on my life. I student taught for an amazing 10 weeks or so. I couldn't have more amazing students and my co-operating teacher was more than I could ask for. I really have grown as a teacher and feel confident in myself now which is a huge improvement from where I was. I have interest in staying in the area to teach, but we will see where life takes me. I have no idea about my future or where I am going to find a home. I am basically just a growing tree that has so many branches...but I want to find some roots too. I guess I am finding bits and pieces of myself and what I deserve. Its funny how things just started going really well when I take on the biggest adult challenge of my life, but I guess life works in funny ways. I meet amazing people and find like a pure happiness that I haven't really had before. Yet, I have to watch each step I make, I can't just fall because as my mother warns me the bottom falls when you least expect it. If you fall into bliss its likely things are too good to be true and the bottom won't be there to catch you. You have to stay grounded no matter how you feel inside...even if I want to jump and scream with pure happiness lol. To be honest this journey has been a rough one, but I am so glad I went on it and the amazing people I have met on the way have made it worth it.

Some of those amazing people are leaving to follow their own paths though which brings me to my goodbye letter to the amazing friends who have graduated and moved on. It hurts me to say goodbye not because this is the end of our friendship, but because I don't know how long it will be before I see your smiling face again. Too be honest any length of time beyond a day is weird to think about and way to long for me. I know you are off to do amazing things and be awesome as always, but its hard for me to know my family is leaving. Each of you have played an amazing, important role in my Knox family even if you don't realize it. I couldn't have had as much fun with out you or grown as much with out you. Each of you pushed me and helped me find me, but you also showed me so much love on so many occasions that I could fill a book. Before you leave this place know that regardless of the papers, classes and hours of partying done here that you made a difference and are part of something larger than you know. I will always be here for you and I hope regardless the reason that I can still call you and bug you for hours...even if it's on a potato phone. Much Love and Keep Smiling!! Here's Hoping You Find What You Need!

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