Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lost in Summer

Ok so....to catch up I made it through the peer teaching with an A-...Yay!!! I also almost failed out of a class...Yay :(    IDK, I had a hard time with a ten page paper which I hope I fixed and worked on enough to raise my grade. I still don't know my grades, but it might take another week before I know anything. O well, all I can do is hope I did well and push forward. Currently I am clustered in a house, surrounded by "stuff". There really is no other way to put it, there is my stuff that I need to put away, but part of me feels like it is pointless considering in 3 months I am gone again. Once again I am prone to cleaning this house and making things nice, yet part of me really wants to be adventurous this summer. I might actually go to the taste for once in my life, ride the train for the second time, and be crazy. I have all these big dreams and crazy notions. I just want to experience life!!!

So here I am lost in summer! I have no clue where this summer may take me or who might even be on the journey with me, but I know I need to roll down the windows, go places I have never been, and find me. Yet, I know when im home I will be cleaning, working on sorority stuff, and reading (if I get a chance after the first two)...o and btw I need to work out. All the Things!!!! Heres hoping I gain something from this summer and maintain my sanity!

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  1. I think we have the same situation....I mean, I need to go somewhere. It's summer, and I need a vacation.