Sunday, July 15, 2012

Lack of Open Mind

What do I treasure the most, I guess in people that would be an open mind. I was raised under the golden rule: "Do onto others as you would want them to do onto you." I guess I always took that to heart and never pushed my thoughts onto other people. I always listened with an open heart and mind, I would like to think I still do. There is a definite part of me that doesn't judge and tries to be open, but the truth is after attending college judging occasionally occurs lol. I guess I can't get past certain things or at least I realize I would never do them. As far as I have found this generation is more open minded then the past and that can never be a bad thing. I try and surround myself with open minded people, but sometimes you can't avoid the differences or those who can't open their mind. This truly is made even harder when the people you are suppose to be closest to, well disagree.

I was told disagreement makes your brain work, makes you think about what you may have never considered. This to be honest is true, but in some cases...well its just best to accept each others opinions as they are and move on, there will be no changing them. Everyone has that road block conversation at least once where neither side is making any progress...I ran into one last night. It is truly the most frustrating thing. You may ask yourself what could have possibly have been discussed that could frustrate a calm, innocent thing like me...ok maybe I'm not calm and innocent but I'm passionate darn it! lol Well truth is it doesn't take much, at least not with certain people who may not be as open minded, for me to get frustrated.

I've lived for 21 years now and I have had my ears open listening to people and making up my own mind about things. I have a drive to just be me and do what makes me happy. I have been blessed with a backing of values and morals to guide me in my life. It just gets frustrating to have those who gave me these values and morals disagree with my choices. Regardless I will keep fighting for my open minded life even if its tiring and frustrating sometimes. If I find happiness then why should I give it up and be miserable because of other peoples perceptions of how my life should go? Its just sad to know the people I want to make proud can't accept something that makes me happy, like someone I love. Inhale....exhale...

I'm strong, but like most people I have weak moments. There are points where words get to me and the feeling of failure and disappointment run me ragged, but I still get up. I fight in my own way because I feel that what I am fighting for is worth it. Here's Hoping You Stay Open Minded and Never Stop Fighting!

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