Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Starting Over

So first I want to apologize for all the kinda depressing posts...my bad...lol. Being locked up for a long time, bed rest, oh and being home can have a strange effect on me, sorry bout that. Now I plan on starting over...hi I'm Megan how are you? lol Seriously though I guess I'm trying to turn over a new leaf like always. I seem to be on a quest for the right leaf, never seems to find it though.

In other news I have truly made an effort to at least clean house in the literal and figurative sense. Not only is my house a lot cleaner (with the exception of my room which is a work in progress) I have made some big girl decisions about who should be in my life. I deleted some numbers and I'm being brave not knowing where life is gonna take me, but knowing certain people are not gonna be on the journey with me. I told a friend about it and we kinda laughed. See maybe its just us and being stubborn, but we held on to people longer then we should've, 4 years to be exact. Our thinking being that we loved them and though we may not be together that friendship was worth hanging on to for all its worth...but it wasn't. Now I have no hard feelings, but its kinda sad and hard to cut ties with someone you were so close to. My friend pointed out it was much needed though because after a while the friendship was one sided and not a strong as it was before. You just have to press on and know that some people are not meant to be there forever even if you want them to be. So I did it, I let go and surprisingly I am still alive lol.

Alive enough to work at my new desk, clean up my stuff and try and organize myself some before the end of the month...when I have to pack up again to head back to school. In the meantime I've been trying to workout and play Just Dance as much as possible....with the exception of when I get distracted by Pinterest...lol
Here's Hoping for Many More Bright Days! (Not too bright, can't stand this 110 Degrees Thing)

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