Saturday, June 30, 2012

New Music Suggestions

I'm posting some singers that I recently found that's music is really good, they have all been singing for a while, but they might be new to you so check them out!

Tony Lucca- Tony was on The Voice this past season, but he has been singing for a while. He got to the finals of the voice and came in 3rd. He became a favorite of mine so I looked up more of his work. He has a nice voice that has some grit to it and he can pretty much sing anything. Tony has made a few records and keeps to a blues, rock type music. I posted two links one an awesome version he did of Britney Spear's "Baby One More Time" on the show, which give the song a manly edge lol. The other link is of a song he did before the show called Pretty Things, its really beautiful so take a listen.
Tony "Baby One More Time"
Tony "Pretty Things"

Cher Lloyd- Cher came out on the X-Factor in Britain not long ago and sang Turn My Swag On the Keri Hilson version. She was impressive from the beginning and based on the amount of videos I found of her she was eliminated, but she lasted a long time on the show. Her style is a mix of pop and hiphop and is actually pretty good. I just like her voice and her songs are pretty catchy. Below is a link to one of her videos...I think her second single. If you like her check out "Superman" or "Love Me For Me" (I have these two stuck in my head).
Cher "With Your Love" feat Mike Posner

Max Milner- Another british artist who made his big screen debut on The Voice Britain. He has a grit to his voice as well...hmmm maybe there is a pattern I found him looking for mashups and watched his voice audition, check the link below, which was amazing. He apparently made it pretty far, but didn't win. Max played with a band before the show and has a voice that kinda reminds me of The Script.
Max's Voice Audition

AHMIR- These boys I was shown freshmen year at Knox and they are really really good. They have amazing harmony and sing just about anything. I actually really liked their rendition of a Taylor Swift song...which is surprising because I don't really like her music that much. They have done tours and continue to post new videos mixing songs together or just singing it their way. If you like the link below check out their Channel on Youtube.
AHMIR "You Da One" feat Alexis Goddard

If you got any new music suggestions add a comment!

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