Friday, June 22, 2012


Oh Disney how you have steered me
Ok so I was raised among the best Disney movies if I say so myself. I mean there were so many amazing Disney movies the came before my generation, but you can't deny the amazingness of The Lion King. Any who I realize that most Disney movies relay some lies such as happy endings, prince charmings, oh and dreams can come true. Don't get me wrong these are beautiful stories that I still get lost in even at 21, but I can't deny that life is far from a fairy tale. Things don't always work out and life sadly is hard. There is no fairy godmother to grant your wishes and make dreams come true, honestly that's on you. If you are not happy with something it is up to you to change it. Great advice given by a true hypocrite, but the message is still right and true.

I am still trying to make my life my own and live each day for what it is. Everyday is a challenge with all the outer and inner turmoil going on, but I still get up every morning and do it again. There is something about the Disney stories that children and adults a like get lost in and I think it is the beautiful ending. My life might not have a happy ending at the end of the day, but these characters triumph over evil villains and live happily ever after. In the end that's what we all want, we all want to make it through the day and have that victory at the end, the happiness that makes the day to day stuff worth while...even if it doesn't always happen. We each have our own personal goal or dream...mine: true love wouldn't be at all I guess one day I will find it, but it won't happen like the movies I'm sure. I have yet to meet a prince charming that sweeps me off my feet, at the very least a guy who cares enough about me not to hurt/ use me. Yet, like I said before maybe that's on me. I am taking on life and I have set backs with everything, but I am trying to move forwards and make things better. Work on the things I don't like and be happy with what I have. I'm no Cinderella and my Prince ain't coming so I might as well smile and go about my day. That being said I will always be a die hard Disney fan and though they may have me dreaming about things that will never come true it is still a nice get away from the craziness around me.

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