Monday, June 25, 2012

A Girl's Best Friend

Yes... the correct answer is normally diamonds, but in my case diamonds are little compared to man's best other words I want a dog! lol
Ever since I was a little girl I wanted a pet, to the point that I would go to the library and read how to take care of them and all the different types. I have always loved animals and always thought about working with them when I was younger. When I got older my parents basically told me that our house was a mess (which hasn't changed) and there is no way we were ever going to get one. This broke my heart because I wanted an animal to pet, take for walks, and play with. I sadly have to live through others, mainly my cousins and their pets. There is something about the connection you can have with an animal and the happiness that comes with that. One day, I hope soon, I can make this dream come true and have my own dog. I am not super picky and wouldn't mind any dog...but I really want a Lab (center) or Samoyed (right). The nice thing about having one now is that it would give me something to do like go for walks or go to the park with someone so I won't be alone in this house. Here's Hoping Someday I Will Get My Best Friend!

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