Friday, June 29, 2012

Getting Rain in this Drought!

Finally today it rained here at home. We were needing it too because it was pretty much a heat wave mixed with a drought. It got me thinking about things. For one I love rain so I chilled under the gazebo as long as I could, but it got me thinking about...and go with me on this...sustainus. What it is that makes us survive and feel good? Everyone clearly needs water and food to live, but there are things we all individually need based on who we are. I for one need people, I love being social and I know plenty of people who are the same. Other people might need a camera, canvas, chocolate, music, or the great outdoors. Each person has something that they love that makes them happy so much so that it becomes apart of them. Whatever it is you have to have it to survive, to be you. So I guess I am just writing this because it made me think about what makes me, me. Its funny how rain can make you see things differently. It clears things up in a way. So do what makes you happy, feed yourself with whatever it is that makes you tick because you should never live in a drought for long.
Here's Hoping The Rain Clears Your Sight Too!

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