Thursday, June 21, 2012

Make-up and Me

So I have never been a truly girly girl. I never was the one to pick up make-up or talk about smackers lip gloss during recess, instead I was the tomboy who wanted to play soccer with the guys instead. In a way I haven't really grown out of that because I still run with the boys and to be honest I prefer it most of the time. With that being said I never really wore make-up unless it was for a dance recital and my mom typically put it on making sure my lips and eyes stood out on stage. This changed as I got older in terms of covering pimples and under eye circles with concealer. Now I have gotten a little more comfortable with make-up but not much. This year started out like most where make-up was on of the last things that came to mind in my morning routine. I was basically all natural until I had a discussion with a guy friend and I guess I changed my tune. I started wearing make-up to I guess attracted people's attention to my eyes and just give my face color.

Currently, I guess I am finally finding the perks of make-up. Yes, I still am putting on stage make-up and dancing my heart out, but I guess I am finding my way into using it on a daily basis. I am trying to get better at putting it on, but I really don't know what I am doing...thanks to some awesome friends though I have gained some knowledge and some new make-up. I don't think that make-up is the number one priority and makes a girl that much better, yet its fun and a great way to make you blend or stand out. I have a great heart and personality...make-up just helps me feel pretty :)

That being said if you know how to do make-up or have tips hit me up because I am struggling to figure it out lol. I would love to be someones blank canvas or at least have some lessons. Here's hoping I figure it out soon so I don't look like a

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