Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Out of Style

So I am cleaning my room and really going through my closet and I realize I have clothes that I keep that I don't really wear any more. The main reason they stay around is sentimental attachment, the memories or the idea that I will wear it again. I have no room for this in my closet or in my life. I have talked about letting go when it comes to people for forever now and clothes is not the same, but I know I can do it. I have had enough. I tossed so much that just wasn't worth keeping because I have so much stuff that I actually wear and use on the daily it seems pointless to keep what is just laying/hanging there. It just reminded me of life in that once you leave home you take things you are going to miss and try and keep things you like close. As you grow and change so does your style and who is in your life. Sometimes you have to clean out the closet and get fresh air.

I'm not saying I'm going to pitch him away or anyone for that matter, but I am not running after anyone either. If they want me they know where to find me.

As for clothes and cleaning the room is slowly evolving in my free time. There is progress, but I have a lot to clean and get rid of. At this point if I don't really use it, it is probably gone. Same thing goes with my life. Its like a late spring cleaning! LOL I collect so much random stuff and that in itself collects dust and dirt...lets just say its time for it all to go. This stuff is not my style, I am too old for it, or it is useless to have, regardless I have goals and this stuff has to go. My goal? A desk. Yes I want a legit desk in my room to put my school supplies in and on, a place for my computer and printer, and just an all around place for me to work on things.
So here's hoping I can see this goal come to light this summer!

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