Thursday, July 12, 2012

What You Can Learn From The Movies...

There are so many things that the movies teach don't go around the dark scary corner, happy people don't kill people, cars can be aliens, vampires sparkle (Abe Lincoln could spot them easier), be careful what you wish a talking teddy bear or Channing Tatum shirtless. The funny thing is that you can find the funniest and truest lessons in the strangest places. So this is where this movie I watched comes was rated only one star, can't see why....regardless its this movie called She's Out of My League. I basically watched it because it has been playing constantly on E! for the past couple weeks. Its just a silly movie that puts a girl considered a 10 with a guy who considers himself a hard 5 when it comes to looks and everything. I guess your wondering what I could have possibly got out of this movie besides a waste of two hours, well there was a nice ending to be honest. The guy throughout the movie was told and felt like this girl was out of his league, that he was a hard 5 while she was a perfect 10. At the end there is this overwhelming realization so to speak that it's not that he isn't good enough for this girl, but he isn't good enough for himself.

This kinda is true though if you think about it. I mean I'm not gonna lie I have had those feelings before that I just was not good enough for someone. It's funny really because if you take the time to think about it that person wouldn't be talking to you or with you if they felt that was the case. People can have bad experiences or made to feel not worthy which can change the way they view themselves. I for one never got much attention from boys besides on the soccer field or dealing with homework so I got down on myself. You set restrictions or give yourself a number to avoid getting your hopes up and getting hurt. The truth is your only hurting yourself because the people you push away may very well like you and see you clearer then you see yourself. I'm getting use to this idea more and more over the past year and I'm still working on it. You have to see the beauty in yourself for someone else to see it in you. It is all about being comfortable and confident!

So this leads me to my summer goal. Some of you may know that I have been trying to workout more and loose weight. The great thing is that for once I am actually doing it and succeeding. I have always felt uncomfortable and I have been less then confident in my body, well I am happy to report a turn around. After hard work and eating right I have gained a lot more confidence and comfort with myself, I would go as far to call it pride. In total at this point I have dropped 20 lbs this year, which is a lot and I'm still pretty far from my goal. Hopefully (fingers crossed) I will be at goal weight by the end of the year. Regardless I feel amazing and I know it shows based on how much I've been smiling and how much fun I had at the club last weekend. One thing I know now more then ever is that I am good enough...for myself, if you don't like it there's the door.
Here's Hoping I Keep it Going and Keep Smiling!

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