Sunday, January 13, 2013

I Am Enough

"I just want to be good enough." This is something I have said a million times or more. I just wanted to be enough for my parents, friends, for a love. Its silly and stupid to some, but I just wanted to be someone who was good enough. I have been good and done well but I always felt I came up short in comparison to certain people or just in peoples minds. It's hard to think you are good enough when you have been burned, broken, and rejected. It's funny how I know so many close friends of mine can't connect because they have been blessed with opportunities and lack of the word "no" being used towards 

I am fighter with a past that has made me more cautious and realistic about life and love because life isn't fair. You can be a good person with a good heart and still get hurt, and still not be good enough. You are wiser and stronger they say and all I ever wanted was to be is good enough. What is good enough though? I mean if I knew then maybe I would figure out why I don't fit. Then I would try...try to change myself to fit...but why? A wise guy told me that you shouldn't change yourself for someone else, especially if you are you. I guess I wanted to fit so bad I was willing to change me...but the way I see it I have nothing to change. I have a good heart and a great personality, I'm not perfect but even in the imperfections I have plenty of beauty. Someone should see that right? If they don't then they aren't that As for the people closest to me they must see it, even if its not all the time, otherwise they wouldn't be there. I am good enough for me. I am still growing, learning, and getting better every day, but I am enough. I would hope I am good enough for you too regardless of my shortcomings and lack of confidence at moments. I am a fighter and I will stand my ground regardless of all those who pass me by or put me down. My hope is to remind not only myself , but you that you are good enough. Here's Hoping you stand your ground too!

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