Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I'm Back...

Back to school and classes, only kinda weird. I mean to go from teaching everyday to being taught is a little different. I know I have gotten to the Senioritus point now, not like I didnt have it before, but now I am just really over classes and I just want to pass and be done. Still scared of this stupid Cognitive Psychology class, but hoping it goes well (fingers crossed). Everything else so far has been good. This winter term is going to be oddly different for me and I feel that already. I mean I might just have time do accomplish things and do something new. I have working out everyday almost in my schedule, work, class, and currently I have time for studying and stuff. We will see how much dance I have time for. This term is just full of possibility...but to be honest im not really making plans. I mean of course I am going to class and keeping a schedule with stuff, but I'm gonna try and live each day as it comes, adventures and all. Senior Meetings will be had, so will parties, but as long as I get to spend time with all my friends before we part ways this year will be one to remember.

Currently I am just trying to keep my head above water and suppress this stupid cold. I am trying to eat better and branch out in all directions. The frightening thing is just the fact that adulthood is right there...I can see it and I know I have to get my resume perfected and sent out in order to feel more at ease. I guess there is no breaks for me no matter how sick I may be and honestly if I wasn't running around like crazy I don't know if people would recognize me.
Hope you all have started the year and the term on the right foot!

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