Tuesday, April 13, 2010


So college is one of the hardest...if not the hardest...thing that I have been through to date. Failure is not an option was our motto in high school, but college is completely different. Overall, lets just say its crazy serious and impossible to pass, at least for me that is. I wish I could write as good as everyone else and pass tests with A's and B's like i did in high school, but instead my progression is quickly declining and I can't figure out why. I am trying my hardest and really going above to take note, but yet nothing is helping. Some days it sounds better to drop out and be a hobo. I only wish things were that easy but they are not. My hope is that people who read this really take my advice and try and be more open with there teachers and get to know them. I wish I could but I can never think of anything to ask them and I always feel like I am bothering them. Its hard to struggle because I never struggled before. I feel as though I was on top and I'm falling to the bottom. It hurts because I feel like i am failing not just myself, but my family who are paying this expensive tuition and who had such big hopes for me. I just wish things get better, because if it gets much worse I might have to call it quits. :(


  1. what happened to your best highschool friends? did they dissapear? shouldnt they be helping you?

  2. my high school friends are few and far between for me, they have all basically moved on or we hav ha issues so they don't talk to me any more...im only close to maybe 2 guys still but they are often busy at home...they try to help me but they have there own lives and are busy sorting themselves out