Friday, September 24, 2010

Been Here Forever...

So....its Friday!!! Yay! But still got stuff to do. Mainly a personal education narrative (basically me talking about my school life, teachers and such). It sounds easy right...but I have a problem with papers I never know how to start them. Its kinda intimidating walking up to a paper...its kinda like a guy...I don't know what to say. Once I start talking/ writing its pretty easy, but the beginning is so intimidating because its like first impression. If you suck now you will suck forever in the readers eyes. So instead of writing I avoid it til I can't...which I am doing right now :)
In other news: Might go vegetarian...kinda failed at it last year, but I feel like if I slowly move towards it won't be so bad. So I am slowly cutting out meat and have been thinking of other options. Another goal of mine is to try most of the cereals at the Caf. I have the ability to try them and maybe I will find some I like more then Cinnamon Toast Crunch...probably not. I might go work at the garden tomorrow, which in all honesty I am kinda excited about. I also really want to go to Cornucopia and buy some food. After trying some of the cookies at the KARES meeting I really would like a box of my I know I am not a super green person, but i want to learn and I am trying. Also, I will start volunteering next week at the preschool which is exciting and nerve recking all at once. My hope is that it goes well :/
Today I have just been going to class. I got paid today which is nice. It pretty much covered the clothes I bought myself for my birthday. I got a little homework done. Later I might go to Target to get a few things and just walk I sound like my Any who it might be a tame night after all. I am sure there are parties and stuff going on that I may or may not attend. I will just have to feel it out.
That's all for now, back to my loathsome paper.

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