Friday, July 8, 2011

Looking Back

Ok, so I so happened to look through a yearbook today and let me tell you 2 things: 1) I don't miss high school. & 2)Time gives you a different perspective....if you doubt any of this I dare you to look back at your own yearbook, you might be surprised. I know that when I looked at it I realized how at the time you are so focused on everything surrounding high school: relationships, class, reputation, activities, friends, cliques, how you dress...all these things make up your world in these 4 years and you feel like you are being judged on all these things. You are in this high school bubble that you really don't grow out of till you graduate. Some people don't really grow out of that in college either, depending how they choose to act. I know that I was wrapped up in the high school bubble and didn't see the outside possibilities. I was given limited freedom in high school and college was just a whole different experience. I remember high school being a place of either great highs or epic lows, no middle ground really. I had friends and boyfriends, but I look back and wished I did somethings different. Not getting hung up on a boy who didn't deserve my attention for one and making more close friends would have been a start. I can't go back now though, I can only go forward. I started off college trying to fit, but I realized quickly I just have to be me. But who am I? In high school all I ever tried to be was the good friend, I never really looked at myself. College aloud me, almost forced me, to figure out who I am...mind you I am still working on it, but I have a direction. One thing I know now is there are gonna be people who dislike me and I am going to dislike certain people because of my personal thoughts, feelings, and values. Its gonna happen, but at least I am standing up for myself and for something instead of falling for everything (yes I stole that quote,but it fit perfectly). I am finding myself and trying to better myself as a whole person now. Finding true friends and people I connect to more so then I did before. High School is like another world to me now. I know some people look back and think of high school as this amazing time, but to me it was just a step. The amazing times are still to come, high school isn't my peak. I am looking up and out, I am optimistic!

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