Thursday, July 7, 2011

Super Behind

Its been a while...time to catch up. Ok, so I finished my book and I have yet to commit to another one, so if you know an amazing read let me know. Also, work has been...interesting...I have learned a lot about myself and children just based on this group of ten 6&7 year olds. These kids are great most of the time, but other times I wonder...lets just say some are hard of hearing. Nonetheless I am getting paid and doing something that I wanted to do, work with kids. Overall, my day consists of me entertaining them and getting them from one place to another, I am a babysitter for 3 hours twice a week. I am not complaining, but I feel like a babysitters job is harder then that of a teacher, in the sense that the children expect to have fun with you and basically make them happy while still doing what you have to do. As a teacher kids understand that school is a different environment where they come to learn and they know there are rules and consequences. The worst punishment they can get at camp is a time out...which doesn't do much, especially for the emotional kids. Idk, some days this job is great and other days I wonder what I got myself into, wonder if this will work and if I am even doing a good job. Time will tell...

In other news I went to the taste for the first time last weekend. Spent the Saturday driving up to my friends house and leaving there with myself and three friends of mine to take the CTA (another 1st for me). We walked the taste and shared amazing food, of course we went on the hottest day known to man, but happens. I would say I spent a good a good 4 hours there and then it just got too hot for me so me and a friend took the Metra home (this was not a 1st, but I now understand how the Metra works and what train I get on). No, I am not Chicagoan by far but maybe I am getting there...I know for sure that this is one mark in my book of experience and adventure so cheers to that.
Currently I am planning a zoo trip with some friends and possibly going to see some over the weekends. I have been so tired and my sleep cycle has been so weird that I just haven't worked out like I was, but I getting back to that. Trying to plan things for myself for the coming year, but if I learned one thing, nothing is for certain. Here's hoping best is to come!

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