Saturday, December 31, 2011

Picking up and Heading Back

So I realize break once again kinda flew by and I'm not ready to leave. I have a lot of unfinished business to deal with at school that I am not looking forward to, nor do I really want to. Yet I can't stop the clock and so the packing begins. Nothing makes me feel more like a girl then packing. I always try to cut down on what I bring, but its always a lot. I know I am definitely bringing more back to school then I brought home. I can't really help it. I mean I got some things that are important like winter boots, an electric blanket....I mean I can't leave home without my new waffle maker! LOL Ok yea the waffle maker isn't needed but its sooooooooo kewl! My backpack is even heavy with my new books for the term. I look around at the things I pack and its hard to cut corners...I mean the whisky has to come with! :P
Regardless I have to finish packing and then pack the car for my 3 hour road trip to the great college in the middle of no where. Can't really complain I mean I get to blast my ipod and jam out driving for three hours, that's my meditation. As much as I love hanging out with people I guess I find real solace in being alone sometimes. Just me and the road, I can't screw anything up and I am too busy singing to think deeply lol. Its kinda funny thinking about it now cuz it is kinda like my life. I go from one group of people to another with a bunch of lonely moments in between. Those moments seem to last forever sometimes and I try to avoid them, but I feel like that's just where I am meant to be. I have to stop basically "begging" people to hang out because I want to have fun and let it go. If people really want to be there, really want to hang out then they will just have to find me. No telling if I can actually stick to this, but hey it sounds So here's to packing and my last two days!

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