Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Squirrels

FYI This is a fun post!!!

I LOVE Ok don't take it the wrong way I am not like crazy about them, but I guess that's my animal bond so to speak. As my dad would say, "If Meg was an animal she would be a squirrel cuz she is a little nuts, not to mention do you see how crazy she is about peanut butter?" Ok yes I think they are can't really deny it from that photo either. Regardless, I grew up around them, they were the first animal me and my dad would sit and watch outside. They are so funny and seeing them at school everyday cracks me up because they are not really scared of people. I literally had an awkward moment on the sidewalk with one where we were trying to pass each other. Squirrels are full of personality and I can't help but adore them. So a take a moment to watch the squirrels and laugh, trust me its worth it. :)
P.S. There is a squirrel mafia so watch out!!!

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