Sunday, December 11, 2011


We all have pride...some of us show it more then others, I'm talking to you Capricorns lol. Heck everyone falls victim to it at some point. I have encountered pride on two main levels one being "ego". Not surprisingly, as much as I love you, the boys I find in and around my life either portray large egos or actually have them. Its funny sometimes and I tend to poke fun at them almost instigating them to maintain their ego, my real reason behind it though is to keep them grounded. There is nothing wrong with having a healthy ego, having good self esteem is what everyone should have or at least strive for. Yet, people need to understand limits, know that they are not invincible, and be grounded enough to recognize what/ who is around them. Pride can be a person's down fall in a number of ways, but I think the main one is missing out on something. This leads to the other level of pride, pride in terms of putting yourself on a pedestal of some sort there by making you impossible to reach. No matter how amazing a person is if they have too strong of pride there is no way "reason" can get to them, not to mention they miss out. Pride can tear you from a grounded sense of reality and keep you from a so much more.

I didn't mean for the first part to sound like a service announcement against pride. The whole reason I bring it up to begin with because in a weird way I think I am attracted to it. I tend to find myself, at least looking at my past, falling for guys who have intense pride in themselves and what they do. I find it weird because I am not by any means extremely prideful. So I wonder, knowing a little bit about myself, if the fact that I am self conscious ties into this little phenomenon. Its silly I know, but there is something about a guy and their ego that draws me in. Maybe its the fun of it all with my jokes and pokes at who they think they are, but it could also be that I see it as a challenge. I see something in this strong, ridiculous jerk, possibly that he isn't so bad if he climbs down from the pedestal.

No one is perfect and I am far from it. I'm also not saying that pride is an evil thing nor that it is some crazy thing guys do that make girls go crazy. I guess I am writing this not only to get my thoughts out about pride and why it interests me, but also because I kind of want to ground some people. If you have prideful moments or are one of those strong ego people I just want to say: There are amazing people in your life who you will never notice if you don't come down to earth once in a while.

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