Thursday, December 23, 2010

2 days Before Christmas Eve!!!

Everything is turning out amazing. The cookies are amazing and for the most part done and I have all my gifts under the tree. I realize that I might be in love. I am trying once again to read and doing pretty well at it. I really am just happy and excited for Christmas Eve. I am, for my first year, bringing my friend to my Grandmother's house. This is exciting for me because for a year or two now I haven't had anyone to hang out with at family events. I also just love going to my Grandma's house on Christmas Eve and celebrating all dressed up with my family. You really can't beat a tradition that includes great food and gifts. I just love the whole Christmas Event, including the after Christmas shopping when things go back on sale lol. I'm sorry I love buying clothes during this time of year, because this is the time when I have money. I have also come to an understanding with myself and how I am gonna try and deal with all the sweets and stuff. I am gonna not indulge too much and work out a lot when I get back to schools. Its gonna be cold but I got to do it. I really am excited to head back, I do need to get all my things together and pack what I am bringing back...hopefully not too much stuff. I am really ready to start the new year off on a better foot and try and not get really stressed out. I realize also that I say that every time I go back to school, but every time I go back I figure I can wipe the slate clean. I am excited and hopefully I won't be overwhelmed. So Much Excitement!!! LOL 2 MORE DAYS!!!!!

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