Thursday, December 16, 2010

Turn Around

Nothing like life giving you a complete 180. I had a break down on Monday just to have life ease up on me the rest of the week. Maybe I had to hit a bottom to find peace and relaxation. I have been running around like mad since I came home and I finally had to slow down because I got sick. Yet, I have had more fun and accomplished more now then I did the entire break...go figure. I am happy to say that my computer is fixed and that I have found my way back to drawing. Surprise: Many of my gifts this Christmas will be pictures I drew...a little creativity and a little bit of me being broke :)  I have baked cookies and cupcakes, but alas my sweet work is not done. To my delight my week has peaked with someone dear to me returning home from a trip. I spent an amazing day catching up with him and realizing I don't make I am working on what my dear "mother" calls a commitment. I need to make decisions and stick to them. I will, I just have a problem figuring out what the right decision is sometimes. I'm sure people can relate to that. I mean just being aware that you have to make a decision and not being sure if what is best for you is to go left or right. I have one decision that I keep going back on forth on, not purposely. I just can't figure out what is truly right for me. My hope is that for both our sakes I will find clarity before its too late. So besides money and books for Christmas I guess I should ask Santa for Clarity...maybe just a direction. Here's Hoping!

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