Monday, December 6, 2010


Can you love someone that you have never actually dated? Can you love more then one person? Is love very simple but we just make it hard? All these questions cross my mind every now and then. I have loved two guys in my life, but if the answer to the first question is yes...then make it three. Love is a department I struggle with, yet i am constantly searching for it. I always treasured the word love and knew it meant a lot to say it. It really means something so deep and beautiful that I don't say it to just anyone. Its hard to find that person though. That one person who will stand up and protect you, treat you with respect, that is kind, funny, and likes you for you. Maybe that's a lot to be asking for...but idk. There always seems to be a line between selling yourself short and asking too much that I can never find. This all might have more to do with patience then anything else...I don't have any. I settle for less because I am afraid to wait for more...what if it doesn't come? I feel like I end up sabotaging myself in the end. I hope one day everything will line up right and I will figure things out. In the end someone might actually love me...we will see.

I Pick Them Good
I think back on all my heartache,

I wonder what went wrong.

Feeling like a tired verse,

In an outdated song.

I think about their faces,

And how they swept me off my feet.

Yet they all ended up dropping me,

Really hard on cold concrete.

My life has been like a broken record,

Spinning round and round.

I try to pick the guys who are different,

Yet I always feel so bound.

Bound by the laws of attraction I guess,

These feelings deep inside.

These guys seem so perfect,

Yet they have so much that they hide.

They have great personalities,

They know just what to say.

But yet what they have put me through,

Would make any girl run away.

There seems to be a pattern,

Though I would hate to admit.

The guys I end up falling for,

Hurt me bit by bit.

It hurts so much,

Cuz I love them so.

But yet they don't feel the same,

Because they let me go.

I guess I should've seen it coming,

Like any girl would.

But what can I say,

I pick them good.

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