Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thanksgiving/ Shopping/ 1st Snow

Thanksgiving is over and very delicious! I ate so much good, homemade food I could burst. Black Friday has made it past me again. Personally I feel that I am not crazy enough to be a Black Friday shopper. It is just too cold to be sitting outside for hours and I don't really want anything that bad. I did go shopping over the weekend though and it was packed everywhere. I personally have shopping tips that work for me.

  1. Stay on Course, If you are going to a store for one sale item, just get that item!
  2. If you see something you like, leave it... and if you can't get you mind off it the next day go buy it!
  3. Don't go crazy buying for others. Try and make a list or budget how much you want to spend on people. I personally like fun/funny gifts because it gives you a gift in return, a smile or laugh from that person.
  4. Never look down on homemade gifts. Taking time out of your busy life to knit a scarf, draw a picture, or make a Cd for someone is unique and heartfelt.
  5. When all else fails gift cards are great!

I know I personally want to go back out and buy a sweater I can't get out of my head. It is something I need right now since the first snow hit the other day. I personally hate the cold and for that reason I am not a fan of snow, but I do admire the beauty. There is something about this time of year that makes me like the snow and the lights, especially when we put up the Christmas Tree. Call it the Merry disease, but I catch it every year. I love baking cookies and cakes till I bleed sugar. I think a huge problem is that people get so caught up with making things perfect that they forget what Christmas is about. I know my family is guilty of that, but stress overwhelms people.

Kewl Fact: I suggest buying things online...I know many people do, but if you do research and get coupons often prices can be cheaper. Remember though sometimes it can be more with shipping and haddling so do research. I might have gotten some of my books cheaper if I just went to the book store, because I had $3.99 shipping charge.

Another Note: I have added a banner to a new site dedicated to fashion called Lookville. Check it out!!!

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