Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sharing My Love

Ok, since it is Christmas time I thought that I would share my love for Craig Ferguson. He is not only my favorite late night talk show host, but one of my favorite entertainers of all time. I read his autobiography and really enjoyed it. He is a man that has been through a lot and still seems stronger then ever. He has come a long way and in that he is truly some one to look up to. Plus he is really patriotic. His humor makes me laugh every night on the Late Late Show. I just love how much he doesn't care about what people think. How can you not love a guy who has a robot as his sidekick and has swam with sharks. So if you haven't checked it out watch him tonight after David Letterman or check out his videos on You Tube.

Check out his book: American On Purpose

Happy Holidays! Share the laughter!!!

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