Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Gives Me Hope

There are days when everything just comes at me at once and I feel like things won't get any better. I was Stumbling today and fell upon this site called Gives Me Hope (GMH). http://www.givesmehope.com/
The story that really hit me was this:

To the girl at the gym who said she wouldn't get a prom date because she was too "fat":

My friends and I were lifting weights nearby to try to impress you. Don't ever think that all guys see is your weight. We thought you were gorgeous.
The fact that you will realize that one day GMH.

I have felt over weight most of my life and it has been hard for me to look in the mirror some days. This story meant a lot to me, cuz that means there is hope for me. I will never be a Barbie. I will never be skinny, but I have a heart of gold and an amazing personality. Maybe one day someone will find that attractive enough to over look my waist size and if you are that guy please say something. If you don't we may never know how loved we really are.
With that said this site is amazing and all the stories shared give me hope. Smile! Be hopefully! Share the love!!

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  1. Oh Megan, you are so cute, don't even worry about it.