Friday, December 10, 2010

We Are NOT That Different

Ok, so I had a talk with my sister that I find really interesting. What I basically got from it was the fact that she thinks she is sooooooo different from me. Mind you me and my little sis are not that close. I wish we were but sadly that is not the case. I blame it on me being older and acting like a little mommy for her most of her life, she fought me for years because she is very independent. Back to the situation though, she is not that different from me or anyone her age. I realize after reading so many secrets on that we all have things in common with each other. Someone on the other side of the world may feel alone just like you do, or find shopping annoying. Though we are taught from a young age that we are special and everyone is different, we need to recognize that we are not that different at all. As we go through life many of us suffer from similar experiences and feelings, if we opened our eyes we would find such a giant support group. I realize after talking to so many of my friends that my level of insecurity and pain is not uncommon. Now I know I am not alone. My hope is that people will be more honest and open, and find the support from those who have the same problems or concerns. Don't be afraid to tell someone about your day, people do care that is why they are in your life. You might just be surprised by how much you have in common with a person. Here's hoping!


  1. no matter how different you are with your sister, you both know that you can't live without each other. ^^